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The mission of Brentwood Economic Community Development Corporation, better known as Brentwood Community Foundation, is to improve the quality of life in the greater Houston community through education, economic development, the arts, health and social service programs.  The Brentwood Community Foundation (BCF) was established in 1993 to respond to community needs for affordable housing, health services, economic development and cultural enrichment.  The Foundation utilizes government, private sector and foundation support to implement its community programs and services.
Brentwood Community Foundation is committed to developing the greater Houston community to achieve self-sufficiency through programs that embody respect for the family, integrity, spirituality and justice.
Brentwood Community Foundation prides itself on being the catalytic force, which seeks to empower the greater Houston community through programs in the arts, education, economic development, health and social services.  We care about Houston and have been involved in our community for going on 25 years.

Brentwood Community Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

(Bilingual staff is available)



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